Shelby R. Gibbs III
Partner & Co-Founder


Shelby is a Graduate of Texas A&M University where he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Economics in the fall of 2003.  Soon after graduation, Shelby began his land career as an independent field landman in the spring of 2004 working the Texas Gulf Coast and East Texas regions.

During the period between 2005 and 2019, Shelby worked as a crew chief and project manager for a lease broker covering client’s needs across Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming and North Dakota managing various large leasing, title, due diligence, seismic, surface and renewable projects.

Shelby co-founded Beacon Land Management, LLC, where he continues to enjoy supporting clients’ needs on behalf of the firm.  Shelby is a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), Houston Association of Professional Landmen (HAPL), West Houston Association of Professional Landmen (WHAPL), Petroleum Landman’s Association of New Orleans (PLANO) and the International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA) where he continues his education about the changing energy land industry.  In his free time, Shelby enjoys fishing and hunting and spending time outdoors with his family.  Shelby is also an avid pilot and holds his Commercial Pilots licenses.

James “Fisher” Maddox
Partner & Co-Founder


Fisher is a Graduate of Louisiana State University earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Business.  Immediately following graduation, Fisher began his career in the Land Business the summer of 2007 in East Texas. 

Since 2007, Fisher has worked across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming managing all aspects of the ever changing Energy Land Business.  An active member of AAPL, PLANO and other industry based organizations, Fisher continues to educate himself on the current state of the Industry. 

As Co-Founder of Beacon Land Management, LLC, Fisher has continued to support and manage clients’ needs.  From acquiring seismic permits to divestitures, and everything in between, Fisher looks forward to assisting past, current and future Beacon Clients with their energy land needs.

Tracy O. Gibbs
Partner & Co-Founder


Tracy is a Graduate of Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Resources and Conservation with a minor in Business Administration, graduating class of 2009. 

Directly upon graduation, Tracy began his career as an independent petroleum landman gaining valuable experience in East Texas and the Eagle Ford Shale.  With over 12 years of consecutive experience in the energy land services industry, he has worked and managed numerous projects across the United States.  Tracy has successfully gained the trust of many clients, from major-publicly traded companies to smaller independents. 

As Partner and Co-Founder of Beacon Land Management, LLC, Tracy continues to work and manage projects to effectively meet the needs of clients’.  Tracy is an active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), Houston Association of Professional Landmen (HAPL) and is a Registered Professional Landman (RPL).  Outside of professional interests, Tracy is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys traveling, reading, concerts, hiking, exercising, hunting and fishing.

Tammy Pavalock
Regional Director of Land


Tammy applies her knowledge acquired through 17 years of industry experience as an Energy Land Consultant, in combination with a determined energy, to meet her client’s needs.  She is a member of the AAPL and began her career as a field landman in 2006.  She has since lead and/or co-lead teams in achieving numerous successful drilling projects, acquisitions, and divestments for multiple companies within twelve different States.  She is known by her clients and colleagues for her excellent organizational and communication skills, which have helped to achieve multiple successful closings and transitions between companies. 

Through the years she has become a specialist in dealing with Federal, State, and Bureau of Indian Affairs properties, and possesses a strong knowledge of the workings, demands, pressures, and expectations of each entity’s requirements to update and/or transfer operations.  Using her skill-set, she is a valuable member of the Beacon Land Management team working as a go-between for staffs and other companies or public and government offices to assist in accomplishing the goals of clients’. 

Bryan Pavalock
Regional Director of Land


Bryan is a graduate of Texas A&M University, has attained 18 years of experience as an Energy Land Consultant, and is a member of AAPL.  He has helped lead various projects including, lease purchasing, abstracting and due diligence in over 12 different States.  This range of experience has attributed to a comprehensive knowledge that has been significant to both his clients and co-workers.  He is known for his attention to detail and ability to understand the complex nature of land development and acquisitions/divestments.  He is committed to providing exceptional service to clients’ and strives to provide a high-quality final product.

Morgan Morgan
Office Administrator / Land Tech


Morgan Morgan has been in the energy land industry for over 13 years and she is responsible for the day to day operations as office administrator of Beacon Land as well as financial management and accounting. Morgan has extensive knowledge and experience in many areas of the energy land industry including, leasing agent, lease analyst, title curative, managing multiple ownership reports for projects and title research.

In addition to her performance as in-house land tech Morgan is currently responsible for the financial operations and manages lease bonus payments, accounts payable, accounts receivable, client invoices and landman billing. Morgan is married to Jonathan Morgan and they have three beautiful children who keep her very busy. She is also active in her local church where she has various responsibilities.

Nicole Nicholas
GIS Technician


Nicole has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Aided Design from Lamar University – Institute of Technology.  She has over 25 years of experience working with and analyzing geospatial data.  Her career extends to both surface and mineral aspects working in the public and private sectors as a GIS Technician and Analyst.  She has worked on a multitude of Oil and Gas projects from start to finish.  She has also worked on a variety of projects including pipeline and ROW easements, routing design, carbon sequestration and renewable energy projects. 

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